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Everyone has this little dream they had when they are young. Call me ambitious or what, but as i gradually grow older i realised what i really wanna be. I have really high hopes on becoming an idol. I just love being the highlight on the stage, lights shining brightly on me. Enjoying every moment i spent on stage giving off positive energy to the crowd & entertaining them to the fullest.

People were kind of curious how i begin my journey and ended up where i am right now. So i decided to write a blog post on my journey that i worked hard for on trying to become an idol.

2012 ( TVN KPOP StarHunt Season 02 Audition )

2012 ( TVN KPOP StarHunt Season 02 Audition )
Started my first idol audition when i was 17, i know it's a bit late. But was constrained by my parents and school before i turned 17. I finally plucked up my courage and go for my first ever K-POP audition which held once a year in Singapore. I was really inexperienced. I had no music background, no talent. I'm just a blank piece of paper trying my luck. I couldn't even let out a sound during the audition room in front of the judges. Because i am really very very nervous and scared i couldn't even speak.

Yup, exactly, i didn't get in. I didn't know others were all so talented & powerful, now i know where i actually stand. At that age, i'm still wavering whether should i continue to go forth in this path or just give up and go back to being my normal life as a design student?

2014 ( Project Superstar Audition )

2014 ( Project Superstar Audition )
The whole process of this audition is quite funny! Is like i saw this show advertising on TV looking for people to audition & i was at my friend house that time and i just say "OK! I'm gonna join!" And 2 weeks later i'm here singing. Please watch the video first after continue reading this.

Yeah.. i failed once again. The nervousness was really very intense. I'm shocked that i couldn't let out a sound be it sing it out. There are like 3 judges in front of me, 5 big camera pointing towards me. I'm all alone at there with a blank mind. I had no idea what am i doing. And then all of a sudden everything ended just like this. I swear this is the second time that i broke down with no clue what am i doing in front of the judges.

But i don't know why, is it just my personality of just me being blur as always. I still didn't give up and wait for the next audition that i can go for!

2015 ( KPOP Reality Competition - <星动亚洲Singapore District Top 10 )

2015 ( KPOP Reality Competition - <星动亚洲> Singapore District Top 10 )
The changing point of my life begins from this audition. As i personally know myself that i couldn't sing nor can i dance. However, i still want to become an idol! Its the dream and passion that i'm really living for! I told myself, if i couldn't get through this audition, it will really be my last audition & i will really give up. 

Going into the audition room with the judges from Korea & China judging me strictly. Their face are stern. I was so nervous, but i keep telling myself. This is my last chance i only have to give it all out. So i began to sang & they asked weather i could dance? So i actually prepared a short 15 secs dance "T-ARA SUGAR FREE". So i told them i have no experienced in dancing so i will try my best to dance.

So after my dance i prepared to leave the audition room, all of a sudden the Korean judge, Kim Hyung Suk asked me to go over to him & removed my cap and flipped up my fringe so that he can get a clearer look of my face. After that he said okay. That's all?! LOL!!

So after that night i received a call that i got into the TOP10 finalist!! & had to come down for a round 2 audition. But i didn't really prepare much because the time i had was so short and i am really inexperienced. So i went to the round 2 audition with what i had.. & i performed in front of the judges. So the judges just asked me 1 question.

"Have i been to an army yet? Do i have to go army?"

Sadly, my reply is no i have not been & yes i have to serve the nation. & the judges had no comment and they say i may leave. I just felt that my hopes and dreams have just crashed like this.. My 1 and only hope and chance to go to Korea to become a trainee dreams just smashed.. hais..

2016 ( Teenage Gorgeous You 2016 Top 10 Finalists )

2016 ( Teenage Gorgeous You 2016 Top 10 Finalists )
Another year has passed! Came across this competition through Facebook advertising. "Teenage Gorgeous You! Social Challenge 2016" It's bout living the life of an influencer throughout the competition basically, HAHAHAH! Like it's a really good experience, to experience how an influencer actually does their work.

So i tried for the audition, went for the interview and surprisingly i got in as
TOP10 finalist!! I was so delighted that i finally pulled through another audition & got into finals once again! This really boost up my confidence & courage in this industry even more! So, there are like 4 social challenged(sponsored larh) to compete with the rest!

This competition is by far the best competition i went through! I really get to went through an influencer life, knowing how they experienced it, sort of learning through this competition and understanding the position of an influencer, to be able to get to where i am now! Able to make new and good friends and it has been 2 years, we are still keeping in contact and catching up with one another! Really have to thank Teenage Magazine for this competition so that i am able to grow as an individual person! :D

2017 ( YES93.3 夏日玩家 1st Runner Up )

2017 ( YES93.3 夏日玩家 1st Runner Up )
Followed up by another competition which i came across from Instagram. It's YES93.3 Summer Fashion Competition! YES! Another competition that managed to pull through as TOP12 finalist!! So the audition round was basically going up on stage, presenting my fashion outfit that i wore on the day itself. So i still can remember really clearly that i explained very logically that the judges were quite impressed with what i said, HAHAHAHA! That's why they let me through to the next round! YAY!

The next round was Facebook competition, where by the TOP3 stands a chance to enter the YES93.3 radio station for a broadcast and chat with the DJs!! & i'm really blessed that i managed to emerged at the TOP3 & able to enter the radio station to interact with the audience LIVE broadcast in the radio station! This is really a one & only opportunity that i can get in a life time! I'm so glad i managed to talk as much as possible during my air-time, now i have no regrets in life! HAHAHAHAH!

The final round was to put up a short talent performance that we have to prepare beforehand and showcase it live on stage in front of a group of people! It was so nerve-wrecking!! So i prepared my specialty which i always auditioned for, which are singing & dancing HAHA! YEAH! So i sang & danced my way through the competition! & emerged as second place! I was really glad, omg first time in my life i get to be in the second is consider good enough!! God really blessed me so much!!

Am really grateful that i took part in this competition! The opportunities and experienced are really damn wonderful! It is legit a lifetime experience which i can never get it again. I'm also really glad that i'm able to make new friends and we still continue to hang out and keep in contact up till now! Thank you guys for staying in my life!! I really do appreciate you guys a lot!! :D

2017 ( SMTOWN ent. Global Audition Singapore District )

2017 ( SMTOWN ent. Global Audition Singapore District )
I stumbled upon advertisements through Facebook and Instagram saying that SMTOWN Ent. are having their Global Audition worldwide, INCLUDING SINGAPORE!! Which is a dream came through to audition into a Korean Entertainment company once again! So i didn't think much i just straight away applied & went for the audition!

OHMY.. During the audition that day, there were like LEGIT tons of people, i think close to thousand! I had to queue 30 minutes just to get my number ticket, queued for another 2 hours just waiting for my number to be called into the waiting room. Waited for another 1 and a half hour in the waiting room to be brought to another room for the actual audition!

So during the actual audition room. There are like 20 auditioness inside waiting to be auditioned! So the first 10 stands in a row in front of the judges, while the last 10 sit behind & watch.

So first up to audition was the vocal category, so all the vocalists stepped out and began their 1 minute singing. Followed by dancing category & then modelling category. So i actually signed up for modelling this time & no one else in my groups of 10 did. So i'm the only one that did my catwalk alone & did 9-12 poses during the audition.

So before i about to leave the audition room, the judges actually called me to go over their table to double confirm my number again. I was so delighted! I'm like, is it i got hope to get to the next round! But then, even after a year already i still never get any calls from them larh.. So i guess they gave me false hope.. Another false hope again.. HAIS.. i really damn sad larh.. HAIS..

2018 ( YES93.3 HEY DJ 校园新声代 )

2018 ( YES93.3 HEY DJ <<校园新声代>> )
A brand new year! Brand new start of my adventure! Came across this competition from Instagram, as i saw that they are coming to look for people in NTU(which is where i am studying currently). Just so happen that day and time of the the audition was my available day in school! I actually went down on my own accord to look for them & even approached the director/producer of the show whether can i audition for the programme? I don't know where did i get my courage from, but i guess it's the years of training that made my skin so thick! HAHAHAHA! So i really did went through the audition! But sadly, i didn't make it through the next round maybe because i am legit freaking nervous!! Because all of a sudden they asked me to showcase my talent(which is to sing) on the spot & i didn't prepare anything for it! I totally just died man! HAHAAHHAHAHA!
2018 ( SPOP 听我唱! )

2018 ( SPOP 听我唱! )
Decided to go for another round of shot with vocal audition! So this audition SPOP! Is like super viral in Singapore. Advertisement has been broadcasted everywhere, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, poster, TV, advertisement boards, legit everywhere! So, a lot of my friends asked me to give this competition a shot! So after thinking.. i decided to give it a try! Because i don't wanna have any regrets in my life.. HAHAHA!
Surprisingly! YES93.3 DJ MeiGui still remembers me from the previous competition hosted by her "
YES93.3 夏日玩家" & i innocently got called up on stage(secretly thinks i got sabo-ed, HAHAHAHA) to have a leisure chat with them and omg.. she even asked me to perform a short dance in front of a crowd!! Legit damn a lot leh!! After that she asked me to explained my outfit for the day why did i dressed this manner(totally brings back the memories from YES93.3 夏日玩家 competition) HAHAHAHA! After that it's another super impromptu acapella singing, i died.. HAHAHAH! Luckily, MeiGui & Bonnie assisted me when i sing, cause i am so clueless.. i didn't memorise my lyrics XD HAHAHAHAH!

After the short performance up on stage Channel 8 crew brought me to one corner seeking permission from me whether can i sing for them and they will post inside their Insta-story HAHAHAH! I was shocked they actually wanted me to sing for them! & YES93.3 even reposted my singing video from channel 8, i was like wow.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Although the audition process was pretty long that day due to it being overwhelmed, i waited for close to 7 hours before my turn to get into that egg to have a shot to sing! HAHAHA! It legit feels like i'm singing alone in a karaoke booth, but my singing got screened outside in the public! OHMYGODDDDDD


Looking back at my experiences, 6 years of my youth has gone passed just like this.. Started out auditioning at the age of 17, gone through many ups & downs throughout the whole process, but haven't succeed in one yet. Still trying my really best to really breakthrough one of the years in the future. Although it has been 6 years already, but i have always been working hard throughout the years, giving my all & believing in my dreams, trying my best not to give up. I really hoped i am able to be given just this one chance/opportunity to be able to showcase myself out in public. However, i feel that Singapore entertainment industry is very restricting & i can't really fully unleashed my fullest potential.

Going through all this auditions really boosted up my confidence and understand myself even better. I know where are my strengths & weaknesses. I know where i am better in, I know how to portray myself into the public. I actually studied & trained myself for 2 years on my facial expressions, as i feel that this is the strongest point i have in me. But i tend to train smiling the most, as a lot people told me that my smile is the sweetest and i should smile for often! HAHA! Although i didn't make it into the idol world.. But it really helps me a lot to portray myself in the social media world which i self-assume myself to be called as "NET IDOL" (which i failed to become an idol & only falls into an internet category).

I am really thankful to be given opportunities to be invited to perform in front of a crowd with the capability of my skills. Based on dancing and singing. I still continue my best to create contents based on dancing and singing to showcase my talents so that one day i would be able to caught someone's attention! & i really hope i would..


I really love dancing the most! Due to my personality, i'm actually a really expressive person & i feel that dancing actually expresses how i feel the most with my body movements and gestures. I always reacted to things very greatly & using this energy inputting it into my dance performances, it felt as if the dance has more energy!

Singing is actually my greatest weakness i feel, after going through vocal classes, i felt that there are so many technical stuff which i need to feel it in my body and learn how it worked. But i couldn't figure out how to portray my voice out as impactful as other singers.. & i felt that i'm only good at echoing someone's voice as a backup vocal, HAHAHA! 


TikTok ID: @boonkaewnaree ( 🍭糖果男孩🍭)

I actually stumbled across this app called TikTok & i find it actually worked in a way like i am able to showcase my talent online. Hoping to get noticed by someone who actually appreciates my talent from here. My 2 years worth of training facial expressions finally can put into good use in this platform, at the same time i am also able to dance however i feel and like and posting it in public for a larger viewers/crowd to look at!


I am really proud & satisfied to know that there are people actually recognised my effort and hard work i put in to everything that i have done to pursue my dreams, who i am as an individual. Constantly loving and supporting me from behind, coming all the way down for our self organised meet & greet! Without you guys love & support, i don't think i am able to be where am i today. 6 years of experiences is long, but this 6 years actually allows me to grow as an individual. I am really grateful that i didn't give up my dreams when i have all this constant rejections, i always believe "what is mine, will be mine" it motivated me to perform better in the next or future auditions & competitions!!!!

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Looking for a new timepiece to keep track of time? Why not give Daniel Wellington Class ST Mawes + Glasgow Strap watch a shot! Not only loving the fact that this timepiece is from Daniel Wellington, i really love the aesthetic design and style that this watch has! It has it's own personality & furthermore, nothing would go with the sick brown leather colour that matches with your outfit easily!

Daniel Wellington(Classic ST Mawes + Glasgow Strap) Watch
Brown Leather Strap
Daniel Wellington Tag
Blue White Stripe Strap

Always pairing up my timepiece with either a black/brown strap along side with my outfit. As black/brown has this unique attracting colours that will attract someone's sight to look at it for a moment in any outfit that i wear.  Be it pastel, colourful, dull, black. Brown straps always blend really well with any outfit that you could possibly thought of!  Daniel Wellington Class ST Mawes + Glasgow Strap watch definitely compliments to the contrasts of any outfit that you wear! In love with this timepiece so much!

Class ST Mawes is not the only design under Daniel Wellington, there are also other designs that you can select! At there same time it is being segregated into genders due to the different wrist size between male & female. In addition, there are different designs and strap colour to choose from with the additional accessories as an option. Prices are ranged from the design that you buy. Designs & prices are written below.

POPULAR CLASSICS: Classic Sheffield 40MM (Men) - SGD$319
Classic Black ST Mawes 36MM (Men) - SGD$269 Classic Petite Melrose 28MM (Women) - SGD$219 Classic Oxford 40MM (Men) - SGD$279 FOR HIM: FOR HER: CLASSIC PETITE: ACCESSORIES:


Why choose this watch?

The material of this timepiece are authentic and expensive. Due to the manufacturing of rose gold, battery operated gears which will last for more than a year, brown leather straps that doesn't wear & tears very easily. However, there is still a need to keep it safe and preventing it from getting scratch marks anywhere.

The colour of the strap on the timepiece can easily attract someone's vision to look at your watch. Due to the authentic material and texture of the product. The brown strap compliments very well to the rose gold watch face that brings the whole timepiece as a visual pleasing product to wear it around confidently and fashionably!

3) SIZE:
No difference from other watches. It is small enough to fit into your pocket or anywhere else that you can keep it safe! Which means you can easily store it anywhere, but be careful not lose it, HAHA!

Do check on their website to see more White Day offers. Classic Bondi gift sets will have 10% off, and will come with pretty gift wrappings!

Daniel Wellington is situated world wide and they have opened a few outlets in Singapore!
Westgate Mall
Suntec City
Tampines 1
Orchard Road
Aladdin Street

I have a unique discount code of 15% off on Daniel Wellington's website! Remember to quote <BOONKAEWNAREE> to enjoy this promo! Available till 30th April 2018 only!

Official Website


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Still looking for the correct earpiece for your own entertainment/ killing time travelling? Why not give Sudio VASA BLA wireless earpiece a shot! I really love the function that it is wireless and connects it to my phone through bluetooth easily. & the best part, it just look damn SICK! Loving the design aesthetics on the earpiece especially the white one. What could go wrong with your outfit when you are wearing something white? In addition, due to the wireless function, there are no longer any distant limits to my phone anymore!


Sudio VASA BLA(Rose Gold White) Wireless Earpiece
Leather Case
Owner's Manual
Extra Eartips
Gift Card
Name Tag
I would always go for the universal colour which is either black/white but i always prefer having earpiece that is white in colour because it will always stand out from the outfit that i wore. At the same time it totally matches with any colour outfit that you wear. Be it pastel, colourful, dull, black. White will always blend into any outfit colour schemes! VASA BLA Rose Gold White earpiece could totally compliments the contrasts of any outfit you wear! R
eally in love with this pair of earpiece!

VASA BLA is not the only design under Sudio there are other designs as well! At the same time there are also a variety of colours that you can choose from & the prices are ranged from the design that you buy. Designs, colours & prices are written below.
TRE: Black, Blue, White, Pink - SGD$139 REGENT: Black, White - SGD$139 VASA: Rose Gold White, Rose Gold Black, Pink , Blue - SGD$125 VASA BLA: Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Pink, Blue, Coral - SGD$109 KLANG: Black, Brown, Orange, White - SGD$89 TVA: Pink, Sand, White, Black - SGD$65

Why choose this earpiece?

It is easy to use just by connecting through bluetooth from your earpiece to your phone & you can easily access to any music you want to listen to freely. With no disturbance from any wire that is being connected to your phone & being so annoyed by having to untangle your tangle earpiece being plugging it into your phone.

No longer have to hold onto your phone while walking because of the limited distance that connects from your wired earpiece to your phone. You are now able to put your phone anywhere, be it in your pocket/back pocket/bag with ease, walking around confidently and fashionably!

3) SIZE:
It is small and short that doesn't take up a lot of space in your pocket or anywhere you can keep it. That means you can easily store it anywhere, but be careful not to forget where you keep it, HAHA!

From 1-14 Feb for Valentine's day, Sudio will include their premium gift box for free with every purchase. In addition, they will also offer an additional 10% off total price with 2 or more sets purchased in an order(can be in any combination of products). This will really be a perfect way to get matching earphones for V-day/ your loved ones!

Sudio warehouse is located in Sweden and they ship worldwide. Their products also come in a variety of colors. You can choose your favorite color freely and match with your outfit perfectly!

I have a unique discount code of 15% off on Sudio's website! Remember to quote "josephtan" to enjoy this promo! 


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, not sure what to get for your loved ones? Why not participate in this giveaway and you may stand a chance to win a brand new Sudio VASA BLA wireless earpiece with your preferred colour from me!

The giveaway will only be hosted in my Instagram (@boonkaewnaree). The giveaway will end on 7th February 2018 & one lucky winner will be walking off with a pair of Sudio VASA BLA wireless earpiece! 

Official Website

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