Friday, June 10, 2022

Adidas x GUCCI Luxurious Athleisure Fashion Collection Pop-Up Booth is in Singapore!


Adidas x GUCCI 

Luxurious Athleisure Fashion Pop-Up opens from 7th June 2022 - 27th June 2022


Adidas x GUCCI 

When two mega big brands came together to collaborate to launch something amazing just excites me! A luxurious fashion brand, GUCCI and an athletic brand, adidas came out with a fashion collection series of 'Luxurious Athleisure Fashion Collection 2022'! The entrance is really grand, loving the colour and design style of this collaboration concept! Let's go on further and see what else we could find in this pop-up booth!


Pop-up Grand Entrance

adidas x GUCCI is definitely worthy to be called the mega brands of its luxurious style. Looking at how magnificent the grand opening is when you walked into their pop-up booth! It just amazes me so much based on my walk-in experience, coming into this 'dream-liked' visual right in front of me. I literally went wow.


Instaworthy Photoshoot Location 

Something that everyone can look forward to, instaworthy spots in the pop-up! There are various instaworthy spot to photoshoot at, such as the entrance where you step foot in. There are many tables and chairs with bean bags/giant pillows set up over there for resting purposes! However, i caught many different instaworthy angles to take photo! And here are some of my instaworthy poses that i capture over here!


Resting Areas

Every location of the space have been carefully thought of! The whole space were being covered up by adidas x GUCCI design. Looking it at how they package the whole space together into one, really is an excellent job!

 Fashion & Posing Tips

My little suggestions for ladies, is to wear something simple and basic based on the colour white, as it can easily be blended into the colours of the pop-up booth background. At the same time it brings out the classiness and summer vibes of your photos. For men, you can dressed up in a simple basic white polo tee or white long sleeve button shirt, wearing a pair of white/black leather shoes, to bring off a mature summer vibes. 

My Fashion Style:
Knitted White Sweater, White Pants, Black Sling Bag, Black Leather Shoes

Knitted White Sweater: H&M
White Pants: ZARA
Black Sling Bag: UNIQLO
Black Leather Shoes: ZARA


Free Entry
250 Orchard Rd, Design Orchard, Singapore 238905
Nearest MRT Station:
Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm, Monday - Sunday
7th June 2022 - 27th June 2022

There's a limit of people capacity into the pop-up booth! So do be patient and queue patiently outside Design Orchard to wait for your turn to explore the wonders of adidas x GUCCI!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

[COMPETITION] Shop with Me at 313@somerset to Find Your Style!

Always scratching your head to think where are the good places to shop in Singapore? As there are so many varieties of places to go to, such as going to see the Merlion, taking the Singapore Flyer, visiting atas places like MBS, Orchard Road. Café hopping in Tanjong Pagar or Lavendar. Street shoppings in Bugis, traditional authentic feels in Haji Lane... and many more!

However, my personal favourite place to shop at is actually in 313@somerset! There are many well-known brand shops to go to. Snacks, restaurant, cafes and many more! 313@somerset is located in the heart of Singapore! It's pretty easy to go as it's train station stopped beside Orchard!

The Somerset MRT station directs you directly into 313@somerset! When you are in the mall you will begin to think where to start off your shopping with as the mall is quite big and there are so many varieties of shops available for you to shop in! Fret not! 313@somerset has an app called Tring 313, which offers exclusive deals (up to 50% off F&B deals, only at 313@somerset).

Tring 313 is a mobile platform that utilizes location-based technology to target commuters who pass through the 313 vicinity. This app also has the function tosend location-based alerts to users who step into a certain radius of 313, or simply normal alerts to all users in the database! Tring 313 also offers attractive and exclusive promotions for 313 shoppers! Hurry! You can download the Tring 313 app from Apple App Store or Google play for FREE!!

As a part of the Teenage Gorgeous You 2016 challenge, the objective of this week's challenge was to highlight the different shoppers at 313@somerset. So everyone of us were given a shopper type and we need to describe how our chosen shopper type spends a typical day at 313@somerset. "FASHIONISTA" was the shopper type that were given to me.


So I did a little research where are the most popular well-known branding shops in Singapore to shop at. F21 which stands for Forever 21 were very well-known for the girls. However, they do sell clothings for men which some guys might not know and I think this is an opportunity to let me introduce it to everyone especially for the guys.

So I did a little research where are the most popular well-known branding shops in Singapore to shop at. F21 which stands for Forever 21 were very well-known for the girls. However, they do sell clothings for men which some guys might not know and I think this is an opportunity to let me introduce it to everyone especially for the guys. F21 do have a section that is specially catered to their male customers which is located at level 3 in their store. The whole level are all mens fashion and the clothes are affordable! Starting from S$19.90 onwards! They had a varieties of colours to their fashion styles, red.. blue.. green.. white.. black.. you name it, you got it! As Singapore doesn’t have any seasonal change, the clothes sold in here are mostly summer fashion. They do sell sports fashion styles and limited sweater fashion. 

So if any guys happened by to be shopping in 313@somerset, do dropped by to F21 for a look, maybe you might find it unexpectably good you know.

Next stop, it will be all shoes fans favourite stop! It’s L.E Underground! Without a good pair of shoes, you can’t pull off with your best fashion #ootd right? I was really amazed with the store’s interior design, it was beautifully designed and the lightings shining on the shoes really makes the shoes shined itselves at its best, presenting it to the customers. I really love this shop as they came in with many varieties of shoes designs!

L.E Underground not only has its outlet in 313@somerset they do also have an online store for consumers purchases at if you don’t have the time to drop by their store! Do drop by to level 3 in 313@somerset and take a look physically as the shoes might start to communicate with you! Asking you to bring them home. haha.

Pokemon GO has just recently released in Singapore! Yay! With this latest craze in Singapore now, everyone is starring at their phone 24/7! But I must warn you, to let your eyes take a short break at times, as it might be strenous to your eyes. Somehow if anyone getting shortsighted due to starring at your phone for hours don’t worry. The next stop I’m going to introduce to you all on getting a new pair of spectacles would be...

OWNDAYS! It is an optical shop with service made. It also offers PC glasses with the fashionable design on the frame. So, this is my next stop in the mall! What's a fashionista without having a fashionable glasses/ sunglasses right?

OWNDAYS sells wide varieties of spectacle frames designs. Firstly, the price of the spectacles is reasonable. Selling at S$98 – s$198. Sometime they might have special promotions, so do stay a look out for their shop outlets! Secondly, you don't have to wait for a week after purchasing your spectacle anymore! Your glasses will be available in 20 minutes after payment from OWNDAYS! Lastly, OWNDAYS are in-house brands, originally planned, designed and manufactured by them. They have a wide range of collections, which are functional yet sophisticated! OWNDAYS is situated at B2 in 313@somerset! So do drop by if you are considering getting a pair of fashionable spectacles and walk around the streets with it!

After walking for hours, my tummy started to growl.. But I still haven complete my shopping... So I decided to hunt for some snacks instead of settling down for a meal and I was so happened by to be inside MUJI looking for simple-designed stationaries. Lucky thing is that they also sell Japanese snacks inside!

Not many people know that MUJI would sell Japanese snacks due to the first thought we had in our mind is DAISO which also sells cheap Japanese snacks at S$2. Besides all the Japanese furniture and products that MUJI sells they do sell authentic delicious Japanese chips as well! There are really many varieties of snacks to choose from, and I really couldn't decide on getting which one. It's really too many choices, I really want to grab everything and try! But I ended up choosing the cheesy flavoured chips hehe. The prices of their snacks were quite reasonable as well, everything not exceeding S$10! Do drop by to have your Japanese snacks cravings satisfied! MUJI is situated at B2 in 313@somerset!

Didn't really complete my stationeries shopping in MUJI, so I decided to stop by at Typo, my next stop in 313@somerset. Typo was a sub branch store from Cotton On, which includes Rubi as well. Typo has the best range of Gifts, Stationeries, Art, Craft, Décor, Cards, Decorations, Lighting and more! Was looking for a gift for my friend's birthday and I decided that TYPO would be a best place to get a gift

There are really so many things to choose from. The varieties of pastel coloured products, the beautifully designed typo stationery products and different materials design of iphone casings! If you want to customize your own name as part of your home décor you should get it from here as they have all 26 alphabets for you to choose from and buy! It really amazes me on its store concept! Dodrop by Typo, it is situated at level 1 in 313@somerset!
I had a pretty fun day shopping and walking around 313@somerset, there are really many varieties of shops to shop for and explore around! Thankyou Teenage Gorgeous You for this opportunity to allow me to get know of 313@somerset and explore the area! I will be back here again! Soon hehe!


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